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  • National Mechanix - Auto Repair, Tire Services, & Diesel Engine Repair In South Lyon
  • National Mechanix is South Lyon's premier provider of auto repair services.

    Our Auto Repair technicians here at National Mechanix of South Lyon, MI specializes in auto repair with friendly, one-on-one service. We service all makes and models of vehicles, including diesel, hybrid, electric, domestic, and imported.

    All of our technicians are ASE and State of Michigan certified, so you can rest assured knowing that you are consistently receiving quality work.

    Call us today at 810-519-2119 to see how we can put your mind at ease when it comes to your vehicle’s health!

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  • National Mechanix of South Lyon, MI enjoys meeting the demand of our fleet customers.

    We have established a reputation for friendly and knowledgeable services.

    The service that you receive from us with be nothing short of exemplary.
    We have the knowledge and experience to take care of all of your auto needs.

    We have ASE and State of Michigan Certified Technicians with a clean, secure, licensed and insured repair facility. Please contact us and we will let you know what we can do for you and your fleet of vehicles.

    We love to take care of customers in our local area as well as customers from surrounding areas such as Hamburg MI, Pinckney MI, Brighton MI, South Lyon MI and many other. Please stop by so we can make sure your vehicle is in top notch condition.

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  • You Can Count On National Mechanix
    • ASE Certified Technicians
    • 107 service training certifications
      - web based training – hands on training Warren Tech Center
    • 4 levels of electrical hybrid safety training
    • Extensive fabrication experience
    • Hybrid systems experience 300 volt/B.AS.
    • Extensive programming experience in all vehicle applications
    • High performance aftermarket and production engine/transmission building
    • HD truck repair
    • Hydraulic diagnosis and repair
    • Snap-on tools safety awareness certificate


National Mechanix - Auto Repair, Tire Services, & Diesel Engine Repair In South Lyon

    • Engine Rebuilding
    • Ford 6.0L , 6.4L , 6.7L Diesel Engine Repair
    • Brakes
    • Steering and Front-End Work (tie-rod ends, ball-joints, and idler-arms)
    • Tire Rotation
    • Charging Systems
    • Electrical Repair
      - (including starter, alternators, turn signals, power door locks, and power windows)
    • Maintenance Tune-ups
    • Struts and Shocks
    • Transfer case repair
    • Front and rear differential repair
    • Axle Repair
    • Clutch Repair
    • Hydraulic System Repair
    • Oil Changes
    • Transmission Fluid & Filter Changes
    • CV Axle Repair and U-joints
    • Cooling Systems
      - (including belts, hoses, water pumps, radiators, and heater cores)
    • Coolant Flush and Fill
    • Fuel Pumps
    • Windshield Wiper Repairs
    • Headlights, Turn-signals, and bulb replacement

Diesel Engine Repair

We Are Your One Stop Shop For All Your Diesel Engine Needs

Every minute of each day you rely on your engine. Here at National Mechanix of South Lyon, MI, we are committed to servicing your truck with a greater focus on solid results and reduced waiting time.

National Mechanix knows how crucial uptime is to your success. If the light comes on or the engine goes down, our support team will act immediately to fix the problem and get you back on the road.

National Mechanix of South Lyon, MI is professionally authorized and trained to offer a wide variety of diesel engine maintenance services. We have such a wide range of expertise, resources, and experience that we'll certainly be able to satisfy your needs and offer the professional workmanship you're looking for.

Our diagnostic equipment monitors all devices inside the vehicle and detects any possible problems. When we have completed the evaluation, we will bring any possible issues to your attention before fixing or replacing them. Our technicians will complete all the repairs on your diesel engine, from leaking fuel systems to filters and oil adjustments, keeping the engine lubricated. We make sure that all repairs are reasonable and to your satisfaction. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, our mechanics are qualified in all types of diesel engines.

We have both the skills and the knowledge to know how to operate almost any diesel operation. For more information on our programs or if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to email us.

Tire Repair Service

Quality Tire Repair Service & Maintenance

The health of your tires is extremely important to your safety and security on the road. That is why National Mechanix of South Lyon, MI offers tire services that will keep you and your passengers protected. Much like our other auto repair services, our tire service is fast and simple.

Our tire experts are qualified to diagnose any issues and to make the necessary repairs. Besides, if you are looking for new tires, our knowledgeable workers will recommend the best tire brands for your car.

Our tire repair specialists can keep you safely on the road with your car, light truck, SUV, import, or domestic tire service, including:

    • Wheel alignment
    • Tire mounting
    • Tire balancing
    • Tire rotation
    • Tire inspection

Don't jeopardize the health of your passengers and others by driving with inaccurate air pressure or tires with little or no left tread. You may prevent a risky situation where you can need to brake or accelerate rapidly by ensuring that a tire check is scheduled at least once a month. Our experts will verify the right air pressure for your tires, test the tread depth, and also search for slow leaks or punctures. Mark your calendar! Mark your calendar! This simple service will enhance the way you treat your car, increase tire life, and create trust in your vehicle's reliability.

Stop or drop by today at National Mechanix of South Lyon, MI to get superior tire repair and maintenance for your motorcycle, light truck, or SUV. We can rotate and align your tires as this prevents excessive wear and increases the durability of the tires. We will also be delighted to help repair and retain the grip of your vehicle on the road!

National Mechanix

We service all makes & models of vehicles
including diesel, hybrid, electric, domestic, & imported
Serving South Lyon, MI

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